Why Visit?

A Fresh Start:  Many of us wish we had the opportunity to make a fresh start – to discover a place where we are accepted and can develop and grow.  Perhaps you went to church in the past and have gotten out of the habit.  If it’s time for you to jump back in we are ready to assist you in that fresh start.  You will find people like yourself who are discovering and growing.

We’re Contemporary:  Our church is designed to meet the needs of the twenty first century.  We have planned an atmosphere in which you will feel free to invite friends.  One word people will use to describe our services is “casual” – enough structure to insure order but coupled with a freedom that most folks tell us they really enjoy.

We’re People Oriented:  Our church wants to serve.  The church is not an organizational hierarchy.  It is not a building or place – the church is people!  Some words that describe our people:  Friendly, Warm, Open, Accessible, Loving.

Dynamic:  God’s Anointing, Great Singing, Relevant Preaching.  We’re alive, excited and ready for you!!!  We believe that you will be blessed by our music, instructed in the  Word and loved into our fellowship.  Come and experience the freshness and vitality of our church.